Choreography and Performance: Tommy Cattin

Soundtrack: Gaspar Narby

NOMAD represented a first movement exploration based on a sensitive and kinesthetic exploration of the feelings of estrangement. The creation process was imagined as a sensorial journey, exploring themes of continuity, unknown horizon and inner-need for emotional shelter when encountering new life experiences.

The work was linked to the imagery of an open landscape as a metaphor for an inner-state felt by the dancer, Tommy Cattin, throughout his experience of dancer constantly moving from a country to another. The use of the tree was a way to trigger physical exploration of the notion of fragility and balance, two key elements that tended towards physically exploring the abstraction of the feelings mentioned above.

The soundtrack, composed and played by the Swiss artist Gaspar Narby, was constructed following the same inspiration and imagery. The interest here was to witness how the theme could be explored musically and see its relationships with the movement outcomes. Gaspar Narby had already collaborated with Tommy Cattin for previous creations in London.

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